How to Use : The EDDM® Software:

Please signup your account using laptop/ desktop.
After signup you can aceess your account from any mobile device and save the link to your home screen.

How to use the software:
You have to choose atleast two signs, symptoms or findings to get results. When you type any signs or symptoms, it will show you all available signs and symptoms in the database – you need to select one of them from the drop down box. If you write some signs symptoms that is not available in the drop down box, you will not get the answer you are looking for. We suggest you
select the signs symptoms form the drop down box.

You can click on the back button in the result section and add more signs and symptoms and click on the search again. If you click refresh button, it remove previous search signs symptoms.

If you think certain differential diagnoses are not shown in the high probability differential diagnoses section, you can write that diagnosis in the empty box below the high probability differential diagnoses section and click the button submit.

We recommend you rule out the high probability differential diagnoses before you work up on the low probability differential diagnoses. If you see that there are no high probability differential diagnoses generate, we suggest you to review the sign and symptom used in the
search. It is possible that the sign symptoms does not follow any disease syndrome. In such case, try to use similar or different signs and symptoms. Our database includes all the laboratory data. You can select total of 5 signs and symptoms to generate differential diagnoses.

This generate differential diagnoses you can use at the beginning of diagnostic work up.