High probability differential diagnoses generator : The EDDM® Software

Imagine having a powerful tool at the point of care that can rapidly generate high probability diagnoses for common symptoms and provide clinical decision support and evidence-based treatment plan.  This will improve accuracy and efficiency and reduce overall costs of care.  dDxRx, a must have tool for the best clinicians!

dDxRx, a powerful tool that can improve the care of your patients by:

Generating a list of high probability differential diagnoses based on common symptoms.
Providing immediate, relevant results at the point of care.
Providing helpful clinical decision support to prioritize your workflow.
Recommending appropriate laboratory and diagnostic tests to order.
Providing evidence-based treatment guidelines to quickly initiate without the need for exhaustive literature search at the point of care.
Effectively training medical students, interns, and residents but is ideal for the practicing clinicians and advance practiced providers (NP's and PA's).
Reducing medical errors by improving accuracy, efficiency, and patient safety.
Reducing overall costs of care by minimizing unnecessary diagnostic workup, delivering effective utilization of healthcare resources, reducing length of stay and prevent readmission